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3D X-Ray Imaging

Computerized tomography(CT) makes it possible today to detect with much greater accuracy both bone anatomy and the presence of bone damage through 3D X-ray imaging of the jawbones.   This makes it very useful for the examination of the mandibular canal, of wisdom teeth, and certain infectious processes, and for the identification of bone cysts or, for example,  disorders of the sinus.  

The use of computer-guided surgery for operating on our patients allows for a better planned diagnosis for placing an implant and for much less invasive surgery in the mouth.

Since January 2010 we have been equipped with a new X-ray imaging appliance, PaX-Duo3D, which is the first of its kind to be used in the dental sector in Girona province, and operates through what is known as Cone Beam Computerized Tomography.

This equipment has been acquired in addition to the wireless digital Orthopantomogram and Intraoral Radiography appliances we were already been using. 

While two-dimension digital radiology only allows for frontal diagnosis views, this new 3D X-ray imaging appliance also enables us, as is the case with medical computerized tomography (CT) scanners, to see the antero-posterior view, but with much less exposure to radiation. This way we can identify much more easily the presence of bone damage and its actual location in spatial terms.

With regard to the placing of implants, this new computer-assisted technique makes it possible to ascertain beforehand the quantity and quality of available bone, its anatomical composition, and the exact distance from nearby or adjacent physiological features. With all this information, and with the aid of a specialized software program, a virtual surgical plan can be designed for each case with the aim of performing a much more accurate surgical operation in the mouth, making it possible to select the exact location, size and orientation of the implant. The most immediate consequences of the use of this new working tool are our ability to perform minimally invasive surgery almost without opening the gum surface, the reduction of pain and postoperative discomfort and, in many cases, the immediate insertion or loading of teeth.


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